Your skin is
my specialty

As a dermatologist I treat you personally - and honest.
Dr. Daniel Kadouch


I am a medical specialist in the field of skin. I hope to provide the best possible care with innovative, minimally invasive treatments.

Very relaxed experience, even if the needle looks a bit scary. Very clear results. All my colleagues ask me if I sleep better or have been on vacation!


Patient at Dr. Daniel Kadouch since 3 years

About Dr. Daniel Kadouch

Daniel Kadouch lives in Amsterdam and works as a specialized and PhD dermatologist at Centrum Oosterwal in Alkmaar.

In addition, Daniel offers consultations and treatments in the Medical Center in Amsterdam. The consultations and treatments in Amsterdam are not reimbursed by the health insurer.

Daniel strongly believes in creating and fulfilling highly attainable, realistic expectations and as a result, he places considerable demands on the way he works. He can only provide high-quality dermatological care through honest, clear and equal communication with the patient, keeping up to date with scientific professional literature and the use of the latest products and techniques.
BIG register number 39913217401.